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Electronic Music Videos

Expectaz loves to think out of the box with genres. The music videos you find on this page are from several electronical genres. Hints of techno, electro, trance and progressive are the main themes you’ll find! Check these live videos out for yourself and you know what that means. Hope you love tehse because Expectaz surely loves to create them.

With or without the computer, using great synths and drum machines like the Akai MPC Live, Akai Force, Access Virus TI2 Synthesizer, Behringer Neutron, Arturia Minibrute 2S, Novation Circuit monostation, Novation Circuit, Yamaha MODX, Korg MS2000 and more.

Follow Expectaz in his journey to create full sets ranging from house to trance to techno.


Live played electronic Trance, Techno and House

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