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Melodic Progressive House. Expectaz

Pumping beats drive the live music of Expectaz forward. Connecting synthesis with harmonic melodies. Expectaz combines elements of Melodic Progressive House with Trance, Techno, EDM, Electro and House. These elements – wide and flowing to gritty and driven – join up for something electrifying to help offer the dance industry something new and refreshing. Full and rich sounds are what drives him. Feel the sensation.

All these electronic tracks are started by live improvisation. Using midi notes, twisting knobs and applying effects and do other creative stuff with synthesizers and drum machine jams to get to the right beats. Nothing beats the vibe and mood of the live feeling instead of using a mouse with Ableton or other Software. When the tracks are recorded, building the sounds up to complete songs is the challenge and fun part. When you watch the videos you see how the tracks are performed but also a hint of how they’ve been made.

Watch these live electronic music sets and see for yourself. Expect the unexpected!

Featured VIDEOS by Expectaz

Expect the unexpected

As mentioned in the intro of this page all tracks are built up by using grooveboxes, synthesizers and drum machines. After sketching and recording the music is polished in the computer by running Ableton and some mastering plugins. With the 2 main machines, the Akai Force and MPC Live it’s easy to export the separate stems to ableton. From then on sometimes edits are made. Most tracks are within the musical electronic genres such as trance, house, edm, techno, progressive and edm, but anything is possible!

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