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Trance and Techno Music Performer. Expectaz

Pumping beats drive the live music of Expectaz forward to connect with synthesis harmony and melody, combining elements of Trance, Techno, Progressive, EDM, Electro and House. These elements – wide and flowing to gritty and driven – join up for something electrifying to help offer the dance industry something new and refreshing. 

Watch these live sets and see for yourself! Expect the unexpected.

Featured by Expectaz

Using the akai force to record and play loops and samples from the ipad, arturia minibrute and behringer neutron in this case. Full set takes half an hour!

Live performed minimal techno trance dance music on the akai force and pioneer dj djm2000. Using samples and the built in hype synth and tubesynth synths. 

All live productions are on: the video page
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Expect the unexpected

Most tracks are within the musical genres mentioned, but anything is possible! About.